NiTE JAMS @ TAPPED | 20.09.13


Another one we can’t wait for, next weekend’s heavyweight NiTE JAMS (Twitch & isodisco) tag-team with the awesome London-based TAPPED crew; DEBONAIR, SLOTHBOOGIE & KMG!

Last time we played with these guys was off the richter and this is certain to be the same. London-heads, geddit in the diary, next Friday we be in town!



019 | Campion

You know that feeling of excitement you get when you listen something for the very first time and instantly love what you’re hearing? You don’t want it to end but when it does you immediately go back to the beginning, play it again and sit there with a simpleton grin on your face, feeling like a child on Christmas morning? continue..

Sam Sallon | You May Not Mean To Hurt Me (Leo Zero mix)

sam sallon

Even more sunshine loveliness? Sure thang. Splendid record this one, a very understated release on Balearic Mike’s Fascinating Rhythms from a few years back that skirted under the radar of most folk initially.

Sam Sallon is the London-based singer-songwriter that penned this track & it’s accompanying lovely lyrics; Begin‘s remix on the B side is balearic heaven and Leo Zero is the don that flipped it into this slow-burning hands-in-the-air singalong. So damn nice.

You May Not Mean To Hurt Me (Leo Zero remix)


Queen & Disco present HMD


Amazing to see a new disco-based night crop up in Derry, very much our second musical home.

QUEEN & DISCO are pulling no punches with their first guests either – Vauxhall’s own Horse Meat Disco will be headlining the gig this Saturday in the Nerve Centre with the awesome BEE, KEV GALLAGHER the beautiful JONNY BOY and Q&D residents on support.

WIll be a super night, be sure and get down if you’re in the vicinity.

Tickets available on the door or from the RA event page.

Fire Island (Horse Meat Disco Edit) – Village People – Fire Island (Horse Meat Disco Edit) 1

Chic | Good Times (Kon’s Nite Time Remix)


More sunshine greatness anyone? The untouchable Kon embraces a project with massive fail potential,  re-arranging one the most recognised disco tracks of all time to glorious perfection. I never thought anything would better the original, but this comes super close.

Kon is the man of the moment and we hopefully have some super exciting news on that front for you soon!

Good Times (Kon’s Nite Time Remix)


Roxy Music | Don’t Stop The Dance (Ruben & Ra Cosmic Dance edit)


Awesome piece of work by London boogie heads Ruben & Ra on a stonewall classic track. Will never tire of hearing this sleazy dream pop number, perfect early evening fodder.

Grab a 320 download from below, or for a juicy wav head over to the guys’ Soundcloud page where you can fill your boots with this and a shedload of their other brilliant edits.

Don’t Stop The Dance (Ruben & Ra Cosmic Dance edit)

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