Few new Mark E bits for your rather immediate attention..

- Spanking new mix over at Michael Reutten‘s excellent Soulsearching, click roight here.

- Nother spanking mix and cool interview he’s just done for the jointhedots crew, available here.

- New Merc release is out now, and ploughed straight to the top of the Juno charts, probably because it’s a little fucking beaut. Check. It. Out. Heeeere.

- Due out next month is Mark’s hotly anticipated Black Country Dub of Take Em Up, the standout from Shit Robot‘s recent From The Cradle To The Rave LP. This is scary good, meaning both scary and good. Listen!

- Word is, Mark’s debut solo album is also just about nailed, expect it to drop on Merc in Spring 2011. Included will be Call Me, a track that some kind soul ripped from his August beatsinspace mix and kindly stuck up on tinterwebs.. How freakin awesome is this.

Bit mad on all the old hot links that post, but there ya go!