Hurrah! One of the house records of the year, is finally available! Call Me first dropped on to our radar as part of Mark’s cracking Beats In Space mix and we posted about this track no less than this time LAST FLIPPIN YEAR!

This track just goes to show just how super-simple it is to make a great house record – all you need is a perfect bassline, a load of gorgeous perc, an engaging sample, layer upon layer of subtly building drums, stabs and keys and a rare supreme knowledge of how to arrange music that will hold, massage and hypnotise a 3am dancefloor. Easy!

We adore Mark E, and pretty much everything he has ever done, but this is up there with his very best. Throwing Dixon and Tensnake into remix action is just taking the piss. Move quickly on this one, or miss out – hit Juno, Phonica, Chemical, Piccadilly, Clone or your local favourite stockist.