Firstly, huge apologies for the terrible (in)frequency of our podcasts! It’s a resolution that we’ll be be waay more organized and on top of things in 2013, no matter how much of real life we have to sideline.. BUT by way of apology, how’s about we serve up an hour of beats & grooves from, for us, 2012’s most outstanding artist, collective and record label.

LUVLESS is a 32 year old producer & DJ from Leipzig in Germany and one fifth of the Rose Records collective. It was his output a couple of years back on the very first Rose Records release, the vibes of the unbelievably smooth Surrounder, that first brought Luvless into our consciousness and since then it has been a pleasure to both hear his continued development as a producer and also dive into his fantastic back catalogue.

2013 is gonna be massive for Rose Records. With a number of projects on the horizon we caught up with Luvless to give us the rundown on everything Rose, and the background to a phenomenal mix that we are certain you’ll love every bit as much as we do.

“By way of introduction, Rose Records are Lars, Martin, Eva, Rico and myself Ronny. We started Rose Records in mid 2011 and we are releasing vinyl only. I’ve known M.ono (Rico) for a couple of years now as well as Lars and Eva. I got to know Martin since M.ono, me and him had released tracks on a Mancha Recordings in the early beginning”

“Rose was just an idea back in the days but then we went serious. The circumstances were good – we have a pressing plant in Leipzig, we knew someone who could master our tracks, M.ono is very good in graphic related things and we all were ready to put our sweat and blood into this project.”

“We started with the VARIOUS ONE vinyl which featured tracks by Martin, M.ono and myself. The feedback we got from our friends, other people from our city and from abroad was just amazing. Artists we love & appreciated gave us props for the record. We have to name our friends from Sleazy Beats who supported us from day one, Move D, Bicep, Ali Ooft and our friends from Leipzig like the Kann Crew, Filburt and our French brothers of Lazare Hoche.”

“We’re four records’ old now. After the three VARIOUS ones we started our artist EP’s with M.Ono’s Easydance EP which is out now. Rose05 will be my artist EP and then we have Martin on the schedule. We also plan to release music from other artists and we gonna call it Rose & Friends so we’re curious & excited for what’s coming up in 2013!”

“In terms of my own approach to making and playing music, it’s nothing spectacular I think. I have a DX7, vintage drum machine, a small mixing desk and some plugins with several midi keyboards in use on my mac. I like many different genres like soul, disco, house and also techno. I still own many old classic techno records to listen to at home but for the club I like it more slow and smooth. Something that touches my heart. This can be a chord or some lovely vocals or just a warm sounding bass. Something that makes you smile and dance. For my own music I want to create this kind of feeling. That’s actually what keeps me going. Just the love. I know that sounds cliché but it’s just like that :)

“I started djing with vinyl, then on digital solutions like traktor but I soon felt I was losing the relationship with the music itself and because of the heavy bulk of music I had it was difficult for me to find the right tracks and act by intuition. I need something to touch and I love to rummage in my record bag. So I went back to vinyl and nowadays besides some cds I play mostly with vinyl. It’s the best way for me.”

Ronny has been relentless on the production front too, releasing on a slew of quality straight-to-cart labels. “I’ve released on Mancha Recordings,” he continued, “on the O*RS label of my buddy Filburt, a small netlabel called Foen, Rose of course and on Ali OOFT’s Label Foto Recordings (the outrageously funky Motion Clapture). New releases are planned so far on Rose and on Kolour LTD (together with M.Ono). I can also tell you a bit of a secret in that we’re planning a new sublabel which is focused on more cheesy edit stuff.”

“This mix was recorded with two decks, my Urei 1620 and a custom-made double eq. i selected my (recent) favorites and just went with the feeling. Most of them you will definitely hear in my club sets. I hope you enjoy!”

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ROSE04 is M.ono’s incredible Easydance EP.  The only two places we found with any stock are Juno or Oye so grab one whilst you still can!