Ren Woods | Everybody Get Up


ren woods


Been a bit of a while since our last post, so here’s a bit of a treat to make up – a 320 download of one of our secret weapons!

Monster of a disco record, arranged and produced by Al McKay of Earth, Wind & Fire. Always get requests we we drop this. My 35 year old vinyl plays a tad quiet, so we beefed the levels and EQ a tad on this rip – hope it sounds ok and you like it.

The wax is pretty hard to come by but just noticed a copy on ebay, if you fancy grabbing it: check it here.

Ren Woods – Everybody Get Up

NiTE JAMS @ TAPPED | 20.09.13


Another one we can’t wait for, next weekend’s heavyweight NiTE JAMS (Twitch & isodisco) tag-team with the awesome London-based TAPPED crew; DEBONAIR, SLOTHBOOGIE & KMG!

Last time we played with these guys was off the richter and this is certain to be the same. London-heads, geddit in the diary, next Friday we be in town!


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